The idea of LOVE, Paulo’s style…!

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“Love is a trap. When it appears we see only its light, not its shadows.” ~ Paulo Coelho This story is about Shruti, a woman nearing forty, whom I met during my journey from Delhi to Pune. She was sitting … Continue reading

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The Last Cigarette!

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It was raining from the past six hours. I reached her home and rang the doorbell, all drenched and shivering with cold. The dark, intense author was sitting beside the small window, looking outside. She put the cigarette in her … Continue reading

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The Dream of a Common Language…

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Emma, a middle age woman, staying at a village in France was feeling lost and broken due to the tragedies of life bestowed upon her. She struggled to find peace until she met Sara, a ten year old orphan girl migrated into France from Syria. Love found its way through their life and their broken pieces fitted into each other’s life perfectly. Continue reading

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Love, above and beyond!

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Love comes in many forms, it never always lies in possessing someone but sometimes being in a place where you could be separated but still feel happy for each other. Continue reading

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Somewhere far away.!

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All fairy tales starts with once upon a time and ends with they lived happily ever after. Reene fell in love for the first time with a guy who walked with her everyday for ten minutes, while the journey back home from school. When the guy tried to talk to her, she freaked out and shushed him away and regretted it from the next moment after she did it. Will the guy ever talk to her again? Continue reading

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‘Easy’ was not her ‘style’.

Sometimes a conversation is all that you need, not with the people you know but with the people who just drop by and leave without ever coming back. You value the conversation and keep it with you. Continue reading

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On the other side of Bridge!

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Life lies on the other side of moving bridge. Continue reading

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Loving Enough to Let Go…..

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Originally posted on ScribblerNeha!:
Almost five years has passed since I bid you my last goodbye. You left and never bothered to keep in touch and I never complained. I always knew that for you, your dreams were more important…

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The Girl minus Pretense.

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I don’t know who defined the parameters of beauty? Who invented the first cosmetic? And why this is so important, especially to women?
Beauty business in India was worth $6870 million in 2014 and going to almost get doubled by 2018 (via business today).
So our obsession with beauty is apparent but then there are exceptions; people, who don’t care. Here comes one such story. Continue reading

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The Magic in Forgiving.

For how long, one should hold a grudge. Isn’t life too short to keep the things like “I care for you”, hidden inside your heart. A story about forgiveness between two best friends who suffered in silence before one of them made the move. Continue reading

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