Love story of two dreams…!

This is a story between two heroes who were following their passion and wanted to pay back to their nation but in different ways.
On the crossroads of life, they were forced to chose between romantic love and their love for humanity. The path of passion and dreams is not easy and so as letting go of the love of your life.

So What they will chose finally?

This short story unfolds the same.


5 thoughts on “Love story of two dreams…!

  1. Det är motiverande hur du levererar inlägg som får många unga på rätt väg. Jag har lärt mig mycket av dig och inspireras var dag som jag klickar in här! Du har fått mig att lägga upp en plan för vad jag vill och mycket av vad jag vill är uppnått, inte minst sagt i skolarbetet utan även andra saker.


    1. Wow Thanks Vishnu… You really made my day and you know what’s funny.. I want to write a novel and this habit of telling things in short is not letting me do it.. I have take the challenge any which way.. hoping to get out of my comfort zone without losing out on the message and emotions..


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