Love in the time of Facebook!

Do we unconsciously choose technology over our loved ones but forget about the repercussions of it? Is social media turning us into lonely human beings? Let's find out.


When I got Leh’d!

My decision to travel to Leh-Ladakh for nine days with a bunch of random strangers had many beginnings. There was the first, half-minded decision to do it, followed by the second, more serious decision to actually do it, and then the third long beginning, composed of paying for the trip, shopping and packing, and mentally …

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That strange stranger story – II

After exchanging a few glances here and there, we finally met at the bar counter again. “Hey,” I said, and made the first move. Alcohol definitely kicked my shyness away that night. “Hello,” he replied in a lyrical tone, and ran his long fingers through his messy brown hair. “What?” He asked through gestures as …

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The love that kills….

“So what happened exactly on that night?” Shikha asked Faizal who was still not ready to look up into the camera. “Faizal? Faizal?” She called out again, but he didn’t reply. He kept looking down. “Cut it,” she told the cameraman and the shooting was cancelled. Shikha, the senior journalist of a leading news channel …

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Nirbhaya Bhav!

The sound of heavy rainfall on a silent night always gave her peace. But on that night, it didn’t. Chavi was running late to reach home after work, yet again. While coming out from office, she remembered her father’s warning. “If you’d come home late one more time, then you have to quit your job.” …

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Somewhere far away.!

Throwback… Happy Holi… 🙂



Once upon a time, there was a girl called Reene, like an adolescent she dreamed of growing up fast and meeting the man of her life (handsome, intelligent, rich), of getting married, having two children and living in a nice house.

She had just turned thirteen. She had a group of girl friends who mostly talked about guys and the prince charming, who will magically appear one day, sweep them off their feat and take them away to conquer the world together.

Everyday while walking back from school to home, all Reene did was to dream.  One day she realized that on her journey back home, she wasn’t alone. She was accompanied by a guy who lived in the neighborhood and studied in the same school as she did.

She started enjoying her ten minutes silent walk, with the guy around, sometimes she walked quickly to keep up with him; sometimes…

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Darkness on the Festival of Lights!

She woke up in tears after fighting with her husband till late night who came back home drunk after losing the whole amount of Diwali bonus in gambling. In his defense, her mother in law revealed that playing cards on Diwali has religious importance. “Goddess Parvati (Lord Shiva’s wife) was playing cards with him. Excited …

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Lost everything, almost…!

Akshay, loses everything on the verge of finding meaning for his life. He is about to lose his wife and his daughter. He is too crushed but will he let his loved one go so easily. Find out as the story unfolds.